Activity Sheets – When the Light Goes Out

Help us to create When the Light Goes Out by designing your own banner, writing a telegram, creating a care package to send back to 1918.

When the Light Goes Out
Saturday 10 November in Crewe & Sunday 11 November in Tatton Park
4pm-6pm FREE events (no booking required)

Two outdoor family arts events commemorating the First World War, When the Light Goes Out draws together the four-year Cheshire East Reflects programme of activities and events created by Cheshire East Council. Artists Yet Another Carnival want you to help by completing the activity sheets below. Perhaps your designs will be featured in the events! Find out more here.

Download your activity sheets here:

Design a Bank at the Tank banner – YAC Worksheets A4 dbl sided

Write a telegram – YAC Worksheets A4 dbl sided

Write a letter to Arthur – Illuminos Worksheet_Letter A4 dbl sided

Create a Care Package – Illuminos Worksheet_Care Package A4_FINAL

Submit your completed activity sheets by emailing them to, and we will upload them to our website.

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