Cheshire Archive Photos Etched onto Glass Panels

December 3, 2014

A beautiful glass artwork has been unveiled to surround the Commemorative Flame in Tatton Park.

Each of the panels features a snapshot of archive photographs, from Cheshire Archives and Records Office, etched into the glass.

The stunning glass panels designed by the Macclesfield-born Alex Blakey, an 3D artist who specialises in glass work.

There are nine glass panels in total taken from different archive images, the descriptions of which are:
Cheshire East Red Cross nurse at work during WW1
A lone soldier
WW1 munitions workers in a factory in Crewe
Medals awarded to Tatton Park’s footman Percy Jones
A nurse kissing a WW1 soldier
A Cheshire soldier with his horse preparing for battle
A Cheshire regiment foot soldier walking through the trenches
Soldiers and Sailors rest women in a canteen set up at Crewe Station
Departure of the 7th Cheshire territorials from Hibel Road Station, Macclesfield for active service

Glass Panels on Commemorative Flame


The images below show Alex Blakey‘s sketches for her glass work, alongside the original photos.

Canteen Ladies
Canteen Ladies
munitions factory
Workers at Munitions Factory
WW1 Soldier on Horse
WW1 Soldier on Horse

If you’re visiting Tatton Park, make sure you visit this modern glimpse back into history.

Commemorative Flame

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